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Related post: Leptandra (Culver's Root). The rhizome and roots of Veronica Virginica. Con- tains an amorphous bitter principle, and not a crystalline glucosid, as formerly reported (Power and Rogerson, 1910). "Leptandrin" is a resinoid. The preparations are pharmacologically inert, but were supposed to be cholagogue without producing intes- tinal irritation. Dose, i Gm., 15 gr. Juglans (Butternut). The root bark of Juglans cinerea, collected in autumn. Used as rather mild laxative. Dose of extract, i to 2 Gm., 15 to 30 gr. Iris (Blue Flag). The rhizome and roots of Iris versicolor. Power and Salway, 1911, could not find any active principle, although the drug and the resinoid "iridin" were formerly considered cathartic and diuretic. Dose, i Gm., 15 gr. Iridis Rhizoma (Orris Root). The rhizome from several cultivated species of iris, has a violet odor. It is used in sachets and tooth powders. COLOCYNTH, ELATERIN AND BRYONIA A number of plants of the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae) yield these drastic drugs. They are of complex composition, each containing several active principles, resinous and alkaloidal. They produce continuous watery stools, with intense irritation and hyperemia (mechanism described above). They are less used than formerly, when they were frequently employed to reinforce the action of other purgatives as in the Compound Cathartic Pills. Colocynth is excreted by the kidneys and milk, and should therefore not be used by nursing women. Elaterin is Buy Cheap Imipramine one of the most powerful cathartics, sometimes used in uremia. Large doses cause dangerous prostration. The toxic dose of Colycynth is 0.6 to i Gm.; fatal, 4 Gm. Of elaterin, the toxic dose is 5 mg.; fatal, 0.6 Gm. PREPARATIONS COLOCYNTH, ETC. Bryonia. The root of Bryonia alba and dioica. Bryonin and Bryonidin are com- plex mixtures. The purgative action is due to npn-giucosidai resins and alkaloids (Power, 1912). Dose, 0.6 to 4.0 Gm. (10 to 60 grains). Cambogia, U.S.P.; Gamboge. A gum-resin obtained from Garcinia Hanburii. The resin (70 to 80 per cent.) contains garanolic acids, which form readily soluble Buy Imipramine com- VEGETABLE CATHARTICS ifj pounds with alkalies, and thus become active in the intestine. The effects resemble those of colocynth; 4 Gm. are fatal. It is rarely used, in pills. Dose, 0.125 Gm., 2 gr., U.S.P., 0.03 to 0.25 Gm., B.P. Colocynthis, U.S.P.; Colocynlhidis Pulpa (Colocyn. Pulp.), B.P.; Colocynth (Bitter Apple). The dried pulp of the fruit of Citrullus Colocynthis. The action is due to at least two constituents, an alkaloid and a resin. Colocynthin and colocynthidin are merely impure mixtures (Power and Moore, Order Imipramine Online 1910). Dose, 0.06 Gm., i gr., U.S. P., in pills. Maximum dose, 0.4 Gm., 6 gr. Ext. Colocyn., U.S. P. A powdered extract, i Gm. representing Generic Imipramine 4 Gm. of drug. Dose, 0.03 Gm., J^ gr., U.S.P. Maximum dose, 0.06 Gm., i gr. Ext. Colocyn. Co., U.S.P. Ext. Colocyn., 16 per cent.; Aloes, 50 per cent.; Scammon. Res., 14 per cent.; Cardamon, 5 per cent. Dose, 0.25 Gm., 4 gr., U.S.P. Ext. Colocyn. Co., B.P. A dry extract Purchase Imipramine from Colocynth, Aloes, Scammony and Car- damon. Dose, 0.12 to 0.5 Gm., 2 to 8 gr., B.P. Pit. Colocyn. Co., B.P. Colocynth, 20 per cent.; Aloes, 35 per cent.; Scammon. Res., 35 per cent. Dose, 0.25 to 0.5 Gm., 4 to 8 Order Imipramine gr., B.P. PH. Colocyn. et Hyoscy., B.P. Pil. Colocyn. Co., 2; Ext. Hyoscy., i. Dose, 0.2 to 0.5 Gm., 4 to 8 gr., B.P. Pilulee Cathartica Composites (Pil. Cathart. Co.), U.S.P.; Compound Cathartic Pills. Each pill contains: Comp. Ext. Colocynth, 0.08 Gm.; Calomel, 0.06 Gm.; Jalap Resin, 0.02 Gm.; Gamboge, 0.015 Gm.; a total of seven active ingredients. Dose, two pills, U.S.P. * Elaterinum (Elaterin.), U.S.P.; Elaterin. A neutral principle obtained from Ela- terium, a substance deposited by the juice of the fruit of Ecballium Elaterium (a sub- stance used in antiquity). White, hexagonal scales or prismatic crystals; odorless, and having a slightly acrid, bitter taste. Insol. in water; slightly sol. in ale. (1:325). Dose, 3 to 6 mg., ^ to ^{Q g r - repeated in five hours if necessary, but not daily (U.S.P., 3 mg., ^20 gr.). The dose of elaterium is 6 to 30 mg., % to ^ gr. Elaterin consists of two crystalline substances, the levorotary a-elaterin, which is inert; and 60 to 80 per cent, of the active dextrorotary /3-elaJerin. Commercial elaterin varies in composition and activity (Power, 1912). Elaterin does not Buy Imipramine Online exist as such in the fruit, but is formed during the expression by a diastatic ferment, acting on a gluco- sid (Berg, 1909). Davis, 1913, advises elaterium in hepatic cirrhosis to provoke watery stools (5 to 15 mg. at night; first day, two or three doses). This rarely causes nausea or pain, but may act during the night. Trit. Elaterin., U.S.P. 10 per cent. Dose, 0.03 Gm., % gr., U.S.P. CROTON OIL This contains, besides ordinary fats, about 10 per cent, of "croton- resin," the active component (Dunstan and Boole, 1895). The old "crotonolic acid" was an impure mixture of this resin with inactive fatty acids. The resin produces the local and systemic effects of the oil (Robert and Hirscheydt, 1890; Boehm, 1915). It is destroyed by boiling with alkalies. Croton oil is the strongest of all cathartics, 3^ to i drop producing burning in the mouth and stomach, often vomiting, and after one-half to three hours, several extensive fluid evacuations, with much colic and tenes- mus. It is used only in extreme cases of constipation (lead), and in un- conscious patients (uremic and apoplectic coma). It should not be given to weak patients, nor if the gastro-intestinal canal is inflamed. Toxic doses produce collapse. Twenty drops have been fatal, but recovery is said to have followed J^ ounce presumably because of vomiting. The treatment would be evacuant, demulcent, opiates and symptomatic (directed against the enteritis and collapse). Applied externally, croton oil produces irritation, proceeding to pustulation and even sloughing. When diluted with 2 to 10 parts of Purchase Imipramine Online olive oil, it may be used as counter- irritant. 178 MANUAL OF PHARMACOLOGY PREPARATIONS CROTON OIL
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